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What We've Been Doing

Giving Thanks

In 2016 a group of highly motivated and committed film people joined forces to launch the MPCI in  recognition of the many significant pressures that hosting a thriving film community puts on businesses and residents.

Giving Credit

MPCI's first move was to offer a wholehearted and public thank you reception to the many hard working Film Liaisons who staff the Municipal Film Offices across the Lower Mainland.

Giving Back

The MPCI are currently working to build a partnership with the City of Vancouver via Embers and the Downtown Eastside Works Hub that focuses on assisting people in the local community in gaining low barrier employment.

Community Engagement

The BC Industry Stewardship Pilot Project

With exceptionally busy times in key screen production markets around the world, film & television industry stakeholders are experiencing a ‘new normal’ in industry resource management.  

The ‘new normal’ presents industry with a new opportunity to shape the future of our industry in British Columbia – by being leaders in location/community resource sustainability. 

In 2018, The MPPIA Motion Picture Community Initiative Committee (MPCI) established the ‘Industry Stewardship Pilot Project’. This pilot project builds on the work we’ve done with our municipal film partners in community affairs to take our leadership in this space to the next level.

The Industry Stewardship Pilot Project  capitalizes on a strength that the BC industry is known for, that is, collaboration from diverse interests on common goals.  It is a tactical strategy aimed at minimizing interruption to production business, maintaining positive relationships with BC’s production host communities, and ensuring our industry’s sustained welcome and recognition as an integral and important pillar of regional economies.

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With Thanks

Many thanks to our sponsors for their ongoing support of the Motion Picture Community Initiative through both financial participation as well as showing up to the many events that we hold to show the local communities that host our industry how vitally important that are to the BC Film Industry.

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